Running a Freedom That Lasts® ministry involves the participation of many in the church. Due to the demands of the position, a pastor normally will appoint a Director for the program rather than taking on those responsibilities himself. God typically will raise up a layman burdened for those enslaved to addiction to fill this role. 

The position of director can be a paid position in the church or a volunteer role, as the size of the program and of the church may require.

The director, in conjunction with the pastor, should try to identify church members who can take part in this ministry as Care-Group Leaders, as Care-Group Helpers, and as Chapter Secretary. He can start to recruit these members once the pastor has approved his choices.

More workers may be needed to support the ministry as it develops—such as a food chairman, parking lot and building security personnel, transportation coordinator, book table coordinator, and child care workers.

The idea of starting or participating in an addiction ministry, for laypeople in the church as well as some pastors, often provokes fear. Never having been acquainted with street culture or practiced any addictive behaviors like smoking, gambling, or drug use themselves, they may feel inadequate to minister to people coming from such troubled backgrounds.

However, what both groups share in common is the experience of being enslaved to sin, even if the kinds of sins involved are different in each case. No believer is exempt from temptation, and, therefore, no believer is exempt from the need to become more like Christ through discipleship.

Discipleship involves nothing more than developing a relationship with a fellow believer for the purpose of assisting him or her in the process of becoming like Christ. With its emphasis on both discipleship and evangelism, the Freedom That Lasts® program offers a platform for fulfilling both parts of the Great Commission, for training members of biblically sound churches to disciple others and for impacting their surrounding communities with the gospel.

The Freedom That Lasts® Leader’s Guide and the training resources provided for chartered chapters will guide the director and pastor in preparing the volunteers from their church for their part in this important work.

The details of choosing and training staff are explained in the Freedom That Lasts® Leader’s Guide.