“God’s mission on the earth is to redeem and restore fallen people to the likeness of His Son to the praise of His glory.”

To further what God is doing, Freedom That Lasts® Canada prioritizes evangelism in its outreach in order to address the lost condition that often underlies a life dominated by sin. It is impossible to experience real victory over addiction without having trusted in Jesus Christ for salvation.

Building on this foundation, Freedom That Lasts® Canada assists the ongoing sanctification of its participants, thereby joining with God’s mission to restore redeemed people to the likeness of Jesus Christ.

As the "bus ministries" of thirty and forty years ago gave churches a way to reach their surrounding communities with the message of the gospel, so church addiction ministries are a prime evangelistic opportunity in the twenty-first century. Since they work with adults, they reach a part of the local mission field that bus ministries generally could not reach, while also opening a way to evangelize children through the adults to whom they minister.

The need for such ministries is greater than it ever has been. Addictions, especially drug and alcohol abuse, have a profound impact on many in our communities, destroying lives and tearing families apart. Through the local churches that partner with us, we offer much-needed help to these people.

It is the prayer of everyone at the Freedom That Lasts® Canada headquarters that God, through this ministry, will transform many into the likeness of Jesus Christ, the only Savior.


Freedom That Lasts® Canada is a Christ-centered, Bible-based, local-church-focused discipleship ministry to those enslaved in life-dominating sins or overcome by hurtful events of life.