Lighthouse Baptist Church happily provides chartered status for Freedom That Lasts® Canada chapters in other churches with a heart for this ministry.

Being a chartered chapter gives access to promotional materials (site banners, door hangers, brochures, posters, name tags, business cards, etc.), training resources, apparel and gear, student awards, and program software for tracking student attendance and progress.

Churches wanting to take this step should examine the downloadable application at the top right of this page. It also is recommended that they read the Freedom That Lasts® Canada Leader’s Guide in order to get acquainted with the details of organizing, promoting, and running a local chapter. The Leader’s Guide can be obtained through our online store.


Weekly care-group meetings, under the direction of a care-group leader, provide for both addicts and participants the mutual accountability and edification essential to this program.

One of the first priorities of program start-up is the training of these care-group leaders. It is critical that the prospective care-group leader undergo the experience of being a regular member of such a group himself, completing the curriculum along with six to eight other participants of the same gender and experiencing the accountability and group dynamics involved. Failure to complete the Bible study, memorization, service projects, and writing assignments required of everyone else in the care-group will handicap his future ministry to those addicts. The curriculum instructions are simple and straightforward.

This small group training is one step churches looking to become chartered can take immediately toward that goal. It is best that this training take place on Friday evenings, since that generally is the ideal time for this kind of addiction meeting, and that the group follow the standard FTL class format as closely as possible. This will allow the participants to become familiar with how FTL care-groups operate and to understand the commitment that will be required of them as care-group leaders.

If a church has more than one small group going through this training, they can follow the normal class format of meeting together as one large group and then dividing up for their own separate meetings.

The FTL Virtue Video for the week would make an appropriate beginning for the combined meetings, with a time for prayer and sharing testimonies following afterward.

During the training phase, the combined "Teaching Time" meetings can be omitted or substituted with a challenge or lesson from the future director.

This training period offers abundant opportunity for spiritual growth for all participants. It also prepares them to hit the ground running once the Charter is granted, allowing for a much more rapid start of their own Freedom That Lasts® Canada program.


Those interested in starting a FTL Chapter should download, read, and complete the above Charter Policies and Procedures PDF and then send it back by mail or electronically.


Please remember that Lighthouse Baptist Church in Edmonton, AB holds trademark rights for Freedom That Lasts® Canada. Both organizations and individuals are free to use Freedom That Lasts® Canada published materials in their ministry to others; however, they must have permission to start a chapter from the Freedom That Lasts® Canada headquarters at Lighthouse Baptist Church before applying the Freedom That Lasts® Canada name to a program or study. This helps to ensure that the Freedom That Lasts® Canada program remains unified and true to its mission.